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Founded by national award-winning investigative reporters, Watchdog City gives professional print, audio and video journalists an opportunity to receive support for their work directly from the public and distinguish themselves as practicing standards of journalistic integrity. Watchdog City has a detailed credentialing process and a rating system.
The Watchdog City marketplace offers reassurance that those who call themselves journalists abide by traditional ethical standards of the craft. Journalists, or their designated organizations, retain and protect their copyrights in our system which prevents those who support their work from disseminating it without the creator's consent. Watchdog City journalists agree to abide by the Watchdog City Code of Ethics, which draws on newsroom rules and practices in place at top journalism organizations and the broad principles of the code of ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists.
You decide if Watchdog City Press journalists are successful by supporting their stories and evaluating their work for other news consumers. You help protect journalism's core values by supporting Watchdog City Press journalists who pledge to uphold standards of journalistic integrity. Watchdog City Bloggers can also sell their work and expertise in the Watchdog City marketplace. Watchdog City Bloggers aren't under the same ethical and conflict-of-interest constraints as journalists, but they agree to abide by quality standards.

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