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Watchdog City Standards for Bloggers

Watchdog City also provides a marketplace for bloggers seeking to sell their commentaries and their expertise via online white papers, video tutorials and "how-to" content. We believe bloggers and experts should have an opportunity to profit from their efforts by selling their original content.

Bloggers and news consumers don't have to abide by the Watchdog City Journalists Code of Ethics like journalists do. But Watchdog City BloggersTM do agree to abide by Watchdog City standards at account sign-up and also to participate in the Watchdog City Credibility Ratings System. These standards include the following policies which are incorporated in the Universal Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

■ Watchdog City Content Listing/Prohibited Content Policy

■ Watchdog City Copyright Patrol Policy

■ Watchdog City's Credibility Ratings

■ Watchdog City's Fee Schedule

■ Watchdog City's Privacy Statement

Bloggers and news consumers have the same account type. News consumers don't receive ratings. You will only enter the credibility rating system if you chose to sell content in the Watchdog City marketplace as a blogger.

Plagiarism and viral copycat work run rampant in the Blogosphere. This is prohibited in Watchdog City. Watchdog City Bloggers, like journalists, pledge that they will not steal the work of others. Bloggers also agree that they won't excessively quote or copy the work of others so as to undermine their ability to sell their work. 

Bloggers and news consumers agree that they won't copy, redistribute, share or otherwise violate copyright laws by allowing others to read, view or consume paid content on Watchdog City without paying.

By producing quality work, Watchdog City Bloggers can build their reputations in the Watchdog City Marketplace.

News consumers can rate bloggers in the Watchdog City Credibility Ratings System on criteria that gauge accuracy, originality, respectfulness and quality.

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