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How to rate content bought in the

Watchdog CityTM Marketplace

How to rate content 1. Log in to you account.
How to rate content 1. Select "Feedback" then select "Leave Feedback."
How to rate content 1. This will bring up a list of stories that you have bought and for which you can leave feedback for the content creator.

2. Select the "Leave Feedback" option for the story or piece of content you wish to evaluate.

How to rate content

1. Choose whether your feedback is, overall, positive or negative and click the appropriate radio button.

2. Add any comments you wish up to 60 characters. You can also contact the seller directly by clicking "Contact Seller" from the story page.

3. Rate the seller on a scale of one to 100 on more specific criteria. For more information, see our ratings page. Hover over the question mark to the left of each criteria to see more details.

4. Select "Leave Feedback."