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How to search for and buy stories and subscriptions

in the Watchdog City marketplace

How to search and buy slide 1

1. First, make sure you have registered for a "News Consumer/Blogger" account so you can buy. A Blogger account and a News Consumer account are the same thing. Then, enter keywords on your topic of interest and select "Search."

2. Or go directly to "Advanced Search," where there are many more search options including city, state and beats.

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1. In "Advanced Search," you can restrict your search as much or as little as you like.

2.  Search without a city to find all stories in a state. Search only by keyword to find a specific topic. Include story descriptions and headlines in your search, or search by member type if you have a favorite journalist or blogger you are looking for.

3. Select "Search."

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1. Your search results will appear on the results page. You can then shop for stories by clicking on the headlines, which take you to the story pages that give more details and descriptions about each one.

2. Or you can simply select "Buy it Now" on any story. When you select "Subscribe" then you are subscribing to that News Hub and you get all the stories in that News Hub for one price.

How to search and buy slide 1 1. The story page gives a lot more detail about both the story and the journalist or blogger, including his or her "Account Type," "Profile" & "Work History" as well as credibility ratings from other readers, viewers or listeners.

2.You can see the "Journalist's Other Stories" for sale, including what's in his or her "News Hub," which is a subscription based publication, video show or podcast. 
You can also get email "Wire Alerts" from your favorite  journalists or bloggers to notify you when they post new stories.


How to search and buy slide 1

1. From the story page, you can "Buy it Now" to get a single story or "Subscribe" to the story's News Hub.

When you "Subscribe" you get the story you're interested in and all the stories in that News Hub -- for one price. Subscriptions are typically monthly and you can cancel any time and you will no longer be charged the monthly fee.

You can click "View News Hub" to see what else you'll get in your subscription.

2. Also, you can "Forward to a Friend" or share on social media.


How to search and buy slide 1

1. You can also read a summary of the story, view thumbnail images from its gallery (if there is one) and also hit "Buy it Now" or "Subscribe" from this page.

2. You can also post comments or ask the journalist or blogger questions.

How to search and buy slide 1 1. After you hit Buy it Now or Subscribe you will be asked to check out and click the PayPal button that will take you to your PayPal account for checkout. You can also use a major credit card if you don't have a PayPal account.
How to search and buy slide 1

1. To locate stories you have bought, go to "Buying" in the left rail menu list and select "Paid Stories."

2. Your paid stories will come up in a list. Click on the headline to access the story or go to the "Options" menu to see the story and leave credibility ratings for the  journalist or blogger who created it.

3.You can find News Hubs you subscribed to by clicking "My Newsstand" and "My Subscriptions." There you can see and manage your various subscriptions across Watchdog City. You can cancel anytime.