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Watchdog CityTM Prohibited Content Policy

Watchdog City, LLC ("Company") Company respects and encourages the vibrant political and social debate that buttresses a healthy democracy. We vigorously support the free speech rights of journalists and bloggers. However in balancing these rights with those of other site users, Company seeks to create for audience members a user experience that would traditionally be considered appropriate for a family-friendly newspaper or news show.

We seek to protect old media standards - journalistic standards in particular, but also ones of common decency - in a new media marketplace.

The Watchdog City Prohibited Content Policy is designed to support the standards of Watchdog City.

As a Watchdog City Journalist or Blogger, you are forbidden from posting content that contains any defamatory, libelous or otherwise unlawful material or content that infringes upon the copyright rights, rights of privacy, intellectual property rights or any statutory or common law rights of others, as described in detail in the Watchdog City User Agreement and Copyright Patrol Policy.

In addition, you may not post the following: 

■ Profanity, racial slurs or epithets;

■ Adult content, including but not limited to full or partial nudity, erotic stories, erotic dancing, pornography, or solicitations or descriptions of sexual acts;   

■ Content that promotes or encourages unlawful activity or violence. For example, videos or written works showing how to make a pipe bomb or illicit drug, commit an act of terrorism or engage in illegal drug use;

■ Content containing explicit and excessively graphic violence. For example, snuff films, graphic crime scene photos that have no redeeming social, political or news value, videos showing torture or ones that glorify or encourage violence to humans or animals, videos or photos of hostages or of executions;

■ Hate speech that seeks to encourage acts of violence based on race, gender, religious affiliation or sexual orientation;

■ Content that promotes acts of violence against an individual;

■ Works by convicted violent criminals or others in which they seek to profit from their crimes;

As a Watchdog City Journalist or Blogger, you are responsible in all legal and material respects for any content you post on the Watchdog City web site. Company provides a web marketplace and platform for users and is not involved in the transaction between content creators (Journalists/Bloggers) and content consumers.

By posting content of any kind on Watchdog City, you warrant that you will abide by the limitations of this Prohibited Content Policy any time you post content to the Watchdog City web site or any of its affiliated sites or tools. Violations of this Policy may result in account termination or suspension, in the sole discretion of Company.

With this and other policies, Company seeks to secure the rights of Journalists and Bloggers to create original content and profit from their work. It also allows the consumers of that content the reasonable expectation of a decent and civil marketplace for journalism, ideas and expertise.

For questions about this Policy, contact Company at: